Tuesday, 8 January 2013

IDF WOrld Cup of Darts (Soft-Tip)

Not many people will be aware that I am also the current European Soft-tip darts champion which I won in Benidorm in May 2012  and have previously been the World Champion. This is a game I have had huge success at over the years and a game I enjoy playing all the time.

I was again selected by the Russian Darts Federation to represent my country at the IDF World Cup in Shanghai China which was shown on chinese TV station CCTV which was going to be attended by players from 24 countries including the much fancied teams of USA,Hong Kong and Canada.

We started the play with the Pro Singles event of which I played very well in and was fortunate enough to win the event beating Stacy Bromberg from the USA in the final. This meant that yet again I was the Ladies singles World Champion of soft tip. I was happy with this as this meant I was now the Steel-Tip  and Soft-Tip world champion again in the same year, This is something that has never been achieved by any other lady in the history of darts. http://www.edu-dart.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/5.WORLD-CUP-SINGLES-PRO-WOMEN.pdf

The next day I then played in the Pro Cricket event. again I played very well and reached the final where I was once again up against Stacy Bromberg. On this instance Stacy got her revenge on me in the final beating me 3-2 in legs after I had missed darts to win 3-1. I was a little disappointed at loosing after having darts to win but becoming runner up to a lady that plays this game all the time I was happy with my results.  http://www.edu-dart.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/9.World-Cup-Singles-Pro-Cricket-Women.pdf

In the team event, which is played in Round Robin groups, Team Russia were in the group of four team. These games were played after the singles events on both days till the semi-final stages. We were pretty much the surprise team in the last for with the three other teams of Hong Kong, USA and Canada making up the rest of the semi-final teams.Russia played well in the semi-final to beat Canada and played the team of Hong Kong in the final.I was playing well and won the final leg for Russia much to the surprise of many.  http://www.edu-dart.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/IDF-Darts-World-Cup-Teams-20123.pdf

This was a great tournament and one I will enjoy going back to next year to play in once again. I have put some links below of photos of the event and also some you tube clips that I managed to find.





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  1. Oh my! I am pretty much impressed. But how did you start playing darts? What is your inspiration when you are playing?