Saturday, 9 March 2013

Sponsorship or Management

Hello all, hope everyone is doing well.

This is just a quick post to let people know that I am at the moment looking for companies to sponsor me for the next season and further if this can be arranged.

I am also looking for a Management company or an agent to look after my darting affairs off the oche for me so that I can concentrate on the most important thing of practicing and playing.

If you or your company would be interested in sponsoring me or managing me please feel free to contact me via my e-mail.

I will also try to get on my blog a little more often to keep people update on my movements and schedule in darts.

"Once, Twice, Three times a World Champ"

Well, its been a while since I have had time to get on here due to being in Russia and not having a computer over there or internet access, Like being a kid again when I go home.

Well, as you will all know by now that I am now 3 times Ladies World Champion. It was the hardest Lakeside I have had to play and the standard of darts is getting better and better every year.

It all started with a last 8 game live on ESPN against my good friend and pairs partner Lorraine Farlam. She started off like a steam train and scored heavily and certainly made me wake up quickly. Lorraine was just as nervous about this game as I was and I think I just managed to hold myself together a little bit more possibly due to having more experience and I was very happy to come out a 2 sets to nil winner and progress to the semi final where I was up against 9 times Ladies champ Trina Gulliver. I was going to have a few days rest as they had changed the playing days this year and I was due to play Friday night which used to be finals night.

So Friday I was all geared up to play against Trina and was very disappointed to find out that two Ladies with 11 World Titles were not being shown on TV. This was dissapointing for the Ladies and also for myself and Trina as we don't often get to show the world what we can do on the main stage.

The game was a good game and Trina took a well deserved first set lead although I did have chances at doubles. I dug deep and managed to win the second set very well and set me up for the third and final set which I was confident going into. I raised my scoring power in the last set and my finishing all came together and I was able to close the match out and I was happy to be in the final to try and win my 3rd World Title and I was due to play against Lisa Ashton from England.

So Saturday 12th January at 6.30 was the time I was to play my final and I was very happy to hear that this game was going to be again Live on ESPN and Eurosport, So my family and friends around the world could watch me play.

The final against Lisa was always going to be a high scoring game as we are to of the top scorers in the Ladies game. This was exactly how the game panned out and again finishing was to be crucial at tight points of the game. Below is the official BDO report of the game as I can not really remember to much due to my levels of concentration and then excitement so sorry for not writing up but the BDO report is a good reflection of the game.

Anastasia Dobromyslova clinched her third world title, defying a battling performance from debutant finalist Lisa Ashton 2-1. Bolton-based Ashton hit a maximum and an 80 checkout but was powerless to stop the 28-year-old Russian from chalking up her third world title. It was an entertaining 30-minute encounter between second seed Dobromyslova and the veteran England international, with Dobromyslova holding her nerve to clinch the title on double six. Afterwards Dobromyslova said: “I still don’t realise I have done it. It was such a tough game. If it had gone to 2-2 in the final set it could have been anyone’s title. “Being here in the final before meant I know how to handle myself. I would just like to thank my family and friends for all their support,” said the newly-crowned champ. Beaten finalist Ashton admitted: “I am gutted at losing but was really pleased to get through to the final. I don’t think the break in the game did me any good.” Both players started confidently, pounding the tiny 60 segment, the defending champ missing  double tops for a 118 finish against the throwing advantage, Ashton stepping in to exit on double 10. The Russian led to the double in the next and despite five misses, exited on double five to level the game. She clinched the next against the throw on double tops after the 42-year-old Bolton player missed two finishing opportunities. Ashton fired out the first 180 of the match in the fourth set, but Dobromyslova won the race for the double and clinically checked out on 64 with treble 16 and double eight to take the opening set against the throwing advantage. The Russian player was coasting to the opening leg of the second set, leaving herself 12,  but Ashton pounced with a superb 120 checkout, finished on double tops, to steal the throwing advantage. In the next, power-scoring saw Ashton first to the double and despite fluffing three shots, she moved into a 2-0 legt lead after hitting double 10. Dobromyslova replied, narrowly missing double 20 for a 117 finish, recovering from missing three further doubles before exiting on double two. Despite throwing first in the next the defending champ struggled to match Ashton’s high-scoring as the England sharpshooter levelled the match with an eye-catching 80, completed on double tops. Tons were traded in the opening leg of the deciding third set, Ashton missing double 18 for a 84 finish, as Dobromyslova pounced to finish on double 10 against the throwing advantage. But the Bolton ace replied immediately, exiting on double 10 after narrowly missing tops for a spectacular 116 checkout. With tension rising both players fired out ton plus scores, but Ashton missed double tops and then double 15 to steal the match advantage and Anastasia cooly hit single one and double 20 to edge into a 2-1 leg lead. The double world champ turned the screw in the fourth leg to leave herself  on 78 with Ashton stranded in the 200s. She hit treble 18 but then agonised as two darts intended for double 12 missed their target. But with Ashton unable to finish the cool Russian sharpshooter pegged a title-winning double six for her third world title in six years – and her fourth world title on the Lakeside stage.  In addition to three BDO Women's World Pro titles, it was back in 2001 as a wide-eyed teenager she clinched the Winmau World Youth title at  Lakeside to launch her glittering career on the oche....

I would like to thank you all for my continued support and lets work and play together to make the Ladies darts better in 2013.

Would also like to thank my only sponsor Unicorn in there continued sponsorship of me.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Zuiderduin Masters

So my next BDO ranking event for Lakeside 2014 was the 3rd of the BDO majors called the Zuiderduin Masters. This is an event which see's six of the best lady players in the world in two groups of three players. In my group was Deta Hedman, Sharon Prins and myself. In the other group was Irina Armstrong, Lorraine Farlam and Aileen De Graff.

My forn coming into the tournament had been good and I had been practicing hard since the last tournament in Jersey. The weekend before this tournament I hit a 31.98 ave in county to give me the highest average in the country over that weekend.

I played well in my first group game beating Sharon 4-1in legs meaning that I needed to win my next game against Deta to get myself into the final. I was playing well and defeated Deta 4-1 in legs to then play Aileen De Graaf in the final who had won through from her group. I continued my good form in the final and ran out winner by 2 sets to 1 and taking the crown of Zuiderduin Masters champion. This meant i currently held 2 of the 3 BDO major titles in the year 2013. This was a great way to end the year and a real confidence boost for Lakeside in January. I hope that by winning this tittle I will be invited back next year to defend my title as this would mean a lot to be able to defend this title.

Well its been an up and down year for me in terms of form in 2012. It started well with a Lakeside win and it finished well with a Zuiderduin Masters win. I am currently sat in 10th position in the World ranking heading into Lakeside, but it is only very early in the seasonand I will be hoping to improve on this position at Lakeside.

I would like to thank my sponsor Unicorn for there continued support and assistance with helping me to change my darts this year in order to help me try and get better. They are always there and nothing is ever to much trouble for them.

I would also like to thank GR8 of darts for making me part of their team and also for making it possible with this website for my fans to be able to connect with me.

And most importantly i would like to thank all my family, friends and fans for the continued support. I hope to start 2013 in the way in which I started 2012.

Anastasia. xx

Jersey Festival of darts.

After my return from a break to see family and friends in Russia and to celebrate my wins, It was back to business with the steel-tip and a trip to Jersey for their Festival of Darts.

This was a tournament that was very unique to the BDO ranking system as this offered two singles ranking events over the weekend. I attended the event with my Husband Tony Martin and a few of his friends as they came away for a break and to support me.

The event started off with the pairs event and I was for the first time partnering the Ladies World Ranked number one player Deta Hedman. To say we played well would be an understatement, We won the event without dropping a single leg along the way winning all games 3-0 in legs. This was a great start to the weekend and i was happy with the way I played.

The next tournament was the Jersey Open singles. I had a very tough draw first round when I was drawn out against Trina Gulliver. This was not one of my best performances and I lost 3-0 in legs. Trina played very well and deserved the victory and Trina made it to the final of this event where she lost out to the young talent of Fallon Sherrock who is one to watch for the future.

The next singles tournament was the Jersey Classic singles. I made it to the last of this tournament and then played my pairs partner for the weekend Deta Hedman who was that little bit to strong for me and beat me 3-2 in legs. This game has been shown many times on dart forums, Facebook, Twitter etc due to the high standard of this game with myself and Deta showing what Ladies darts is all about. Deta made it to the final where she was beaten by Lisa Ashton.

So after this tournament I had only gained a few more BDO ranking points going into the Zuiderduin Masters. I felt my practice was good but I was just not getting the results that I needed. So it was back to the practice board for me in preparation for county and my next BDO ranked event in December.

IDF WOrld Cup of Darts (Soft-Tip)

Not many people will be aware that I am also the current European Soft-tip darts champion which I won in Benidorm in May 2012  and have previously been the World Champion. This is a game I have had huge success at over the years and a game I enjoy playing all the time.

I was again selected by the Russian Darts Federation to represent my country at the IDF World Cup in Shanghai China which was shown on chinese TV station CCTV which was going to be attended by players from 24 countries including the much fancied teams of USA,Hong Kong and Canada.

We started the play with the Pro Singles event of which I played very well in and was fortunate enough to win the event beating Stacy Bromberg from the USA in the final. This meant that yet again I was the Ladies singles World Champion of soft tip. I was happy with this as this meant I was now the Steel-Tip  and Soft-Tip world champion again in the same year, This is something that has never been achieved by any other lady in the history of darts.

The next day I then played in the Pro Cricket event. again I played very well and reached the final where I was once again up against Stacy Bromberg. On this instance Stacy got her revenge on me in the final beating me 3-2 in legs after I had missed darts to win 3-1. I was a little disappointed at loosing after having darts to win but becoming runner up to a lady that plays this game all the time I was happy with my results.

In the team event, which is played in Round Robin groups, Team Russia were in the group of four team. These games were played after the singles events on both days till the semi-final stages. We were pretty much the surprise team in the last for with the three other teams of Hong Kong, USA and Canada making up the rest of the semi-final teams.Russia played well in the semi-final to beat Canada and played the team of Hong Kong in the final.I was playing well and won the final leg for Russia much to the surprise of many.

This was a great tournament and one I will enjoy going back to next year to play in once again. I have put some links below of photos of the event and also some you tube clips that I managed to find.

Start of the 2014 season. Winmau World Masters

Well after some much needed time off in September and a holiday I travelled to Las Vegas to play a soft tip tournament run by DARTSLIVE which was an excellent tournament.

I decided to travel here in preparation for the soft-tip World Cup of darts of which I would be playing in for myself and team Russia.I have written a separate blog regarding this event.

So back to the steel tip. Well the start of 2014 season has really not started to plan. I attended the Winmau World Masters in Hull and I really struggled to hit my doubles in the event and lost out in the last 64 stage 4-2 in legs to Japanese player Kyio Shimizu who I gave chances to and took them well when presented with them.

I had been putting in a lot of practice with my new darts of which I had dropped form 22grams in weight to 20grams in weight as this is the required weight for soft-tip. I had practiced well and scored well but I could just not find that double at the end of the legs which I needed.I knew the change in the weight of the dart had not affected me that much and it was jsut one of those days where I missed my doubles.

I have never really played to my ability yet in the Winmau since winning the youth title. I have been runner up once just before I switched to the PDC. This is one title that is very hard to win and one that still I want to win.

EDO England Open

I attended the EDO England Classic in Selsey which was my last BDO ranking event for the rankings for Lakeside 2013. I was already sitting in 2nd place and wanted to guarantee my place as second seed for Lakeside.

I started the day well winning my first two games 3-0 but I knew mentally I was not playing to my full potential as I felt burnt out after a long season.

I did not play to the best of my ability in this tournament and ended up only reaching the last 32 where I was beaten by Jane Judges of Cambridgeshire.

I teamed up again with my regular pairs partner in Loraine Farlam and we had some real tough games during the day and we was very happy to get to the final where we played, C Bywaters and A Jones. we played well in the final and came away 3 nil winners.

This was the last BDO ranking event for Lakeside 2013 and I was very pleased to finish up as 2nd seed for the World Championships.

It had been a long hard season and was a very much pleasurable one being able to travel the circuit as World Champion.

I had managed to win a few singles and pairs titles during the season.

I also shortly after this tournament had finished received the news that I was invited to the Zuiderduin Masters in Egmond Aan Zee in December which is one of the three BDO major events.